Jiwandeep S. Kohli

Neuroscientist | Photographer | Baker

Recent Publications

Wilkinson, M., Keehn, R. J., Linke, A. C., You, Y., Gao, Y., Alemu, K., Correas, A., Rosen, B.Q., Kohli, J.S., Wagner, L., Sridhar, A., Marinkovic, K., & Müller, R. A. (2022). fMRI BOLD and MEG theta power reflect complementary aspects of activity during lexicosemantic decision in adolescents with ASD. Neuroimage: Reports, 2(4), 100134.     PDF

Hau, J., Baker, A., Chaaban, C., Kohli, J.S., Keehn, R.J.J., Linke, A.C., Mash, L.E., Wilkinson, M., Kinnear, M.K., Müller, R.A., & Carper, R.A. (2022). Reduced asymmetry of the hand knob area and decreased sensorimotor u-fiber connectivity in middle-aged adults with autism spectrum disorder. Cortex, 153, 110-125.     PDF

Recent Presentation

Associations Between Abnormalities of Intracortical Myelin Content and Neuropsychological Functions in Middle to Older Aged Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 

Kohli, J.S., Martindale, I.A., Wilkinson, M., Alemu, K., Kinnear, M.K., Müller, R.-A., & Carper, R.A. 

International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LO. 

February 2-5, 2022